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Gilsonite miner and exporter to other countries including USA Minner of Gilsonite and marking the material in various countries including Dubai ,UAE. Turkey Gilsonite is a glossy, black, solid naturally occurring hydrocarbon similar in appearance to hard asphalt and is believed to be found in commercial quantities in Turkey USA Colombia China Turkey Basin Colombia Argentina and Albania.


Gilsonite Supplier who is biggest and oldest company after many years experience in the base of Natural Asphalt business would be Asian Gilsonite company who have ability to supply all Grades of Natural Asphalt for all kind of industrial uses. Asian Gilsonite is trying to introduce Iran Natural Bitumen quality and grades to all industries.

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Gilsonite brand Since Gilsonite is trademark name and using this name needed approval,many companies choose other name to call to Gilsonite .There is some benefit in this branding since Gilsonite is offering by everybody and price is recognized by end buyer but when suppliers pack the product under other name they can sell it in more value.This kind of branding mostly there is drilling mud.

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Iran Gilsonite Iran gilsonite exporters shipped more than 180000MT gilsonite in raw form which is called lump and powder in various mesh size.In the world Iran is number one exporter in good quality and price.

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Formula of using Gilsonite in production of bitumen membrane sheet. Formula of mixing Gilsonite into bitumen to make cheap and high quality bitumen membrane sheet.If you consider each batch of mixing Gilsonite and Bitumen based on 8 tons then you need to blend:1. 3MT equal 37.5% bitumen 160-2202. 1.5MT Gilsonite equal to 18.5%3.

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The bitumen price is based on 185Kg drum and 150Kg drum has premimun rate based on 10USD/MT. Most of exporter selling the bitumen price based on Rial now and adjust the payment relative to Rial to be on safe side. Updated on December 5.2016. Bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 is 254$/MT FOB of Bandar Abbas in 185Kg drum and 261$/MT packed in 150Kg drum.

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Natural bitumen, produced from bituminous rocks and it is a change after more than millions of years of natural mineral precipitation , under pressure and geological changes in the form of mining Having broken from the fine granular powder , light brown , where the asphalt content of about 80% to 85% , the rest are kind of limestone minerals.

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Gilsonite in powder , micronized , granules , lump , ore and rock. Gilsonite is black hard resin and brittle that occurs as asphalt complexes in boarder of Iran and Iraq.Gilsonite ore composed mainly of NSO compounds with subordinate saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons.Gilsonite powder is a common drilling mud additive, but it also is used in asphalt paving, roofing and construction paper ...

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Bitumen Exporters Leading Asphalt and Bitumen Exporter All Bitumen – All Grades – All Applications. Tiger Bitumen acquired Bulk Bitumen in Bitumen Vessels and further packed in New Drums at our Packaging Facilities located in Karachi Export Processing Zone for Re-Exportation purpose.

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What is gilsonite. Gilsonite or Asphaltum is a natural asphalt resinous hydrocarbon found in southern Turkey on 1930. This natural asphaltite is a hard Hydrocarbon and is often called a natural asphalt, asphaltite, uintaite, or asphaltum. Gilsonite is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, as well as petroleum asphalt.Due to its unique compatibility, what is Gilsonite is frequent question ...

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Export. Possessing Behbahan Gilsonite Mine with exploitation license number 065855 from Khuzestan and natural Gilsonite processing unit of Alavijeh industrial town with exploitation license number 49449 from Esfahan and having more than 13 years of experience and Tehran head office with experienced personnel, Mehr Afzoun Saman Company starts natural Gilsonite marketing and selling.

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Iran, as the world’s third largest natural bitumen reserve, has about 15 percent or 15 million tons of these reserves. Customers initially think that Iran Gilsonite has lower quality than the American Gilsonite, but they realize that quality of Gilsonite in Iran is even higher than Gilsonite in the United States.

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gilsonite or Natural asphalt and Natural Bitumen Export Licence.

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Presently our company with most experiences in the base of manufacturing and exporting the Gilsonite Products have a Special place as Gilsonite exporter in the world. For your reference we succeed to export our Gilsonite products in Lump mode and powder mode with different grades for all of uses of different industries to countries like: India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Egypt, Greece, Korea, Dubai, …

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Gilsonite IN Foundry Physical Sand properties with Gilsonite resin are equal or superior to sea coal at significantly lower additive levels. Read more ... Gilsonite IN Road Construction Gilsonite, Hard Asphalt or Hard Asphaltum is used as a performance-enhancing agent for asphalt mixes. Read more ...

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Oct 01, 2018 · gilsonite mine suppliers and exporters in Iran Gilsonite mine in Iran exporters suppliers and companies that are the best example bitumen offerings. These companies are the best prices and the best offers to buy and sell and export of this product to our clients.

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Bitumen Exporters - Asphalt Exporters - Tiger Bitumen is an Exporter of Asphalt Bitumen Products in Steel Drums via 20'ft Containers for African Countries.

Gilsonite "Natural Bitumen" In Drilling Fluid

Gilsonite "Natural Bitumen" In Drilling Fluid Gilsonite "Natural asphalt" and other asphaltic type materials penetrate shale pore spaces as a drill bit penetrates a formation. It is assumed that a plastic-flow mechanism will allow the asphaltite to extend into the pores of the shale, thus, reducing fluid loss or mud invasion with a tendency to bond the shale and prevent sloughing.

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Gilsonite natural asphalt (asphaltite) additive is a mineral bitumen hydrocarbon in granular form. Its particle size varies between 4- and -200mesh. Pulverized Gilsonite is … | Global Locations of Natural Bitumen

May 24, 2016 · Global Locations of Natural Bitumen. Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) reserves are spread over the globe in quite a lot of regions especially within basins. With regards to the geological nature of each area, natural bitumen can be found in different forms. Many such areas are well explored, for example Utah in USA, and some are known to some extent,...

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Dubai exporter of bitumen 60/70 oxidized bitumen 115/15 gilsonite natural asphalt RPO furfural extract rubber process oil paraffin wax. UAE Dubai sharjah abu dhabi bitumen,oxidized bitumen,gilsonite,natural asphalt,paraffin,slack,wax,RPO,furfural,extract,rubber oil,processing oil :

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Gilsonite Natural Asphalt , Natural Bitumen , Hard Asphalt or Hard Asphaltum is used as a performance-enhancing agent for asphalt mixes. Gilsonite-modified paving mixes achieve higher PG grades and incorporate perfectly into the asphalt blend with no need for high shear milling as …

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Tiger Bitumen is a Leading Stockist and Exporter of High Quality Asphalt Bitumen Products and Grades which are Compliance with National and International Standards. Our Wide Range of Innovative Bitumen Products are designed to meet the Challenges of Road Construction, Roofing, Coating, Water Proofing and Airport Sectors also, alongside ...

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Gilsonite, also known as "uintahite", "asphaltum" or asphaltite, is a naturally occurring soluble solid hydrocarbon, a form of asphalt (or bitumen) with a relatively high melting temperature. Its large-scale production occurs in the Uintah Basin of Utah and Colorado, United States.

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American Gilsonite Company is the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite ® uintaite, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin. With a number of unique chemical properties and physical characteristics, Gilsonite ® uintaite improves the performance of many critical materials and applications.

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Gilsonite, Natural Bitumen or Natural Asphalt is a Non-hazardous, naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin that is similar in appearance to coal or hard asphalt. Iranian Gilsonite is the other brand for the mineral known as natural bitumen which is found in Kermanshah and Gilane Gharb located in Iran and also found in Utah in the United States ...


Export Possessing Behbahan Bitumen Mine with exploitation license number 065855 from Khuzestan and natural bitumen processing unit of Alavijeh industrial town with exploitation license number 49449 from Esfahan and having more than 13 years of experience and Tehran head office with experienced personnel, Mehr Afzoun Saman Company starts natural bitumen marketing and selling.

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Gilsonite "Natural asphalt, Natural Bitumen" is derived from the natural mutation of petroleum. This mutation happened a million years again under the influence of bacteria. This bacterial decomposition of petroleum resulted in reduce content of saturated hydrocarbons, mainly n-alkalenes and light oil which became heavier and more viscous ...