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of the final recycled hot mix product and unsure of the long-term performance characteristics. Since that time, tens of millions of tons of pro-duction have proven that Reclaimed Asphalt Pave-ment (RAP) can be used to produce recycled hot mixes that have the same performance character-istics as hot mix made from all virgin materials,

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Apr 17, 2019 · Using recycled asphalt shingles has several benefits in the production of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA). By reusing asphalt from shingles, asphalt manufacturers can reduce costs and improve the quality of asphalt pavement. Using recycled shingles provides a source of aggregate, which reduces the need for mined aggregate.

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Hot Mix Asphalt. Recycled hot mix produced at a central RAP processing facility contains crushers, screening units, conveyors, and stackers. The central processing facility design produces and stockpiles a finished granular RAP product processed to a desired gradation. As a result, hot mix asphalt leverages RAP as an aggregate substitute.

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Jan 11, 2018 · When recycled asphalt is made using the hot-mix method, it’s usually done at a processing facility. The facility will have crushers, screening equipment, and stacking and conveying equipment. This allows the asphalt to be recycled and stocked for reuse.

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100% hot mix asphalt recycling is a viable alternative to conventional pavements. Eleven technologies for 100% HMA recycling were identified and described. 100% RAP production allows material related cost savings of 50–70%.

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Often referred to as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), recycled asphalt is simply old asphalt that is then ground into an aggregate size. When it’s compacted, the material is able to harden and bind together. This makes it a great pick for use on driveways because it serves as a strong and cost-efficient base or sub-base material.

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NAPA’s popular guide to processing RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) at the hot-mix asphalt plant has been updated, enhanced, and significantly expanded. This revised publication explains the how-to of RAP: how to reclaim, size, store, and process the material in the various types of HMA plants.


Hot mix recycling of asphalt pavements is increasingly being used as one of the major rehabilitation methods by various highway agencies all over the United States.

Authors: P S Kandahl · S S Rao · D E Watson · B YoungAbout: Ultimate tensile strength · Viscosity

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All of these ingredients are routinely used in hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements. The economic benefits of using RAS are several. Recycling them can save the cost of the shingle manufacturer transporting them to an available landfill and paying the tipping fees.

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Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material, obtained by pavement milling or ripping and crushing, can be combined with new aggregate and an asphalt cement or recycling agent to produce hot mix asphalt (HMA). The process of hot mix recycling, with its comparatively low cost, and potential of producing quality mix, has proved to be a viable ...

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Introduction Currently in many construction projects asphalt is recycled in unbound base layers; for road shoulders and rural roads; cold or hot in-place recycling; and by adding a relatively small percentage to new hot mix asphalt. Asphalt recycling is not truly sustainable when it is degraded and used in these lower value applications. 100% ...


DESIGNING RECYCLED HOT MIX ASPHALT MIXTURES USING SUPERPAVE TECHNOLOGY Prithvi S. Kandhal and Kee Y. Foo INTRODUCTION Several binder selection procedures were developed in the 1970s and 1980s for recycled hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements. These procedures which primarily consist of selection of a virgin

Authors: Prithvi S Kandhal · Kee Y FooAffiliation: Auburn University

100% recycled hot mix asphalt: A review and analysis

recycling; and adding a relatively small percentage added to can new hot mix asphalt. Asphalt recycling is not truly sustainable when the it is degraded and used in these lower value applications. 100% hot mix recycling closes the materials cycle by fully utilizing the valuable materials found in reclaimed asphalt in high quality applications ...

100% recycled hot mix asphalt: A review and analysis ...

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jul 15, 2014, Martins Zaumanis and others published 100% recycled hot mix asphalt: A review and analysis

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Section 402—Hot Mix Recycled Asphaltic Concrete Page 3 E. Asphalt Cement Using laboratory evaluations, the Department will determine the asphalt cement grade to be used in the recycled mixture. The asphalt cement shall meet the requirements of Section 820.

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Asphalt hardness. Another issue that the hot mix producer must address is the hardness of the asphalt cement in the shingles. The asphalt cement in the shingles is usually air-blown and is substantially harder than the normal asphalt binder used in a standard HMA mix.

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Staten Island Asphalt Company is capable of producing a wide variety of hot asphalt mixes. Whether you need asphalt for roads, playgrounds, parking lots or worksites, SI Asphalt Company can fulfill your needs locally and at competitive rates. SI Asphalt Company can also provide specialty and custom asphalt mixes upon request.

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Hot In-Place recycling was pioneered by Gallagher Asphalt Corporation—one of the oldest and largest asphalt producers in the state of Illinois. We’ve been building roads for over 80 years and recycling …

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Nov 20, 2014 · The aggregate is then dried and mixed with oil and recycled asphalt to produce asphalt mix. We currently produce hot and warm asphalt mix. To learn more about our asphalt manufacturing, warm and hot mix asphalt or to schedule a consultation and quote, please call us. For the Milwaukee area, call 262-965-2121.

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There is asphalt recycling on a large scale (known as in-place asphalt recycling or asphalt recycling performed at a hot mix plant) and asphalt recycling on a smaller scale. For small scale asphalt recycling, the user separates asphalt material into three different categories: Blacktop cookies

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Recycled HMA. The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) makes the claim that HMA is the most recycled product in the U.S. A recent survey by NAPA (Hansen and Newcomb 2011) indicated that in 2010 an estimated 73.5 million tons of "reclaimed asphalt pavement" (RAP) were collected and saved for reuse by the HMA industry with only 4,000 tons nationwide being sent to landfill.

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A: Asphalt recycling benefits paving contractors through increased profitability, eliminated RAP disposal costs, reduced reliance on the hot-mix plant, the ability to produce hot mix material 24/7, ability to produce virgin asphalt (with certain asphalt recyclers) and increased opportunity benefits.

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Today, Dykes is a key source for recycled construction products (stone, asphalt and aggregate) for use in green build programs, such as LEED. When combined with our other recycling processes, our innovative materials (recycled aggregate and asphalts) can reduce waste by up to 100%