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Pavement Materials. To provide a protective coating for... and rejuvenate...a driveway that’s in basically good condition. If your driveway is basically sound and has no buildup of sealer, this premium quality sealer will offer an important layer of protection. VelveTop is better because it contains more solids than any other sealer on the market.

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SUPER DIAMOND CLEAR is a solvent-based curing and sealing compound specially designed to cure new , assuring proper cement hydration and strength gain, while providing a non-yellowing seal to protect and enhance the appearance of .

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Description. Ultra-Maxx™ 1000 is also formulated with a combination of gel and fast dry technology for fast and easy installation, plus the ability to open your driveway to foot traffic faster. Under normal drying conditions, (temperatures above 75°F, clear sunny skies, and humidity below 35%) this driveway sealer can be open to foot traffic in just...

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The “Super Package” Search; Call Today 612-229-7325 Sealcoating Sunk Aprons Townhomes Parking Lots. E-mail: [email protected] We Replace Driveways!! We have been awarded the Angie's List Super Service award 5 times and counting! Call Today! Your Hometown Sealcoat Pros! Fully Insured. Highly Experienced.

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Supersealers Asphalt

Supersealers Asphalt is located in Dousman, WI and we can't wait to meet all of your sealcoating, asphalt & snow plowing needs.

Supersealers Asphalt

Supersealers Asphalt is located in Dousman, WI and we can't wait to meet all of your sealcoating, asphalt & snow plowing needs.

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Step 1 Fully clean off any debris or dirt on your pavement surface. The surface must be completely clean before applying sealer. Step 2 Trim shrubs and edge along turf areas. Tape all surfaces adjacent to the pavement you do not want sealed. This includes surfaces, brick, gutters, or anything that might come in contact with the sealer.

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SuperSeal30 Paver and Concrete Sealer Review 4.6 / 5 (32) by Concrete Sealer Reviews February 6, 2019. by Concrete Sealer Reviews February 6, 2019. Super Seal 30 Concrete Sealer Review. Update 2019 for Super Seal 30 Review. ... how would recommend to remove Super Seal – 25 drips from a driveway? it was used on the stamped portion and some ...

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Applying a driveway sealer doesn’t have to be expensive and you won’t need special equipment to use it either. It’s a relatively simple job which most people will be able to do with ease. Not only will adding a sealer give your driveway more durability but it will also inhibit the growth of mold.

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Smith's Paving - Sealcoating - Striping. Offering a full line of pavement contracting services to both Commercial and Residential Customers. Welcome to Smith's Paving and Sealcoating - an expert asphalt contractor in pavement installation, repair, parking lot striping and sealcoating.

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SuperSeal Brick Paver Sealer is a clear non-yellowing solvent based acrylic sealer that will protect your Concrete Brick Pavers and Decorative Concrete surfaces from the sun's U.V. damaging rays, heavy traffic, oil, and other foreign objects.

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VelveTop Products has been a family owned and operated business since 1968. We are a manufacturer of both refined petroleum emulsion and asphalt emulsion pavement sealer and many other high quality pavement repair products.

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2019 is here and time to review and apply a new Brick Paver Sealer. This article is our top Paver Sealer article on our Review site and there have been over 4500 Questions and Answers on this topic. If you need advice on What is the Best Brick Paver Sealer for you, please ask below in the comment area.

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Paver Sealer is a wet looking, glossy, clear oil-based acrylic sealer with UV-resistant additives for long-lasting protection. Your pavers will look better than new. Clear acrylic for …

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Note: Super Seal 30 is not suggested for Clay Pavers. Super Seal 30 Comes in Clear and Brown Tinted. Super Seal 30 in Clear on Exposed Aggregate. Super Seal 30 in Brown Tinted on Exposed Aggregate

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Founded in 1945, Dalton Enterprises, Inc. is an expert in pavement maintenance and recreational coatings. The company, based in Cheshire, CT is family owned and has satellite manufacturing / distribution locations throughout the country.

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Residential Sealcoating 1. Push back all landscaping around driveway 2. Power edging the sides of your driveway for a manicured appearance Our Super Package Includes 3. Pre-treat any oil or saturated spots in the driveway, as needed 4. Power cleaning of the driveway

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SuperSeal Sealers. Sealers for all types of Substrates. Water Repellents for Brick, Concrete, Masonry, and Natural Stones. Decorative Read more


Superseal Pavement Sealer is warranted by the manufacturer to meet specification requirements at time of shipment. Techniques used for pavement preparation prior to sealer application are beyond manufacturer control as areuse and application of sealer; therefore, the manufacturer shall not be responsible for improprly applied or misused sealere .