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The Wabo®X-cel Modular is an expansion joint specifically designed to accommodate structural movements in all directions. This system will satisfy… Link » Details; Wabo®XPE - Bridge Image Product Codes. XPE. Description. Wabo®XPE is a preformed, impermeable, UV stable gray foam joint seal that is bonded into place with a two component ...

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Rubber Bridge Expansion Joints Rubber bridge expansion joints made of rubber, steel plate and angle iron are designed to strengthen the bearing capacity of bridges. Strip Seal Expansion Joints

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The rugged design of the Strip Seal Expansion Joint can easily accommodate the high loads of vehicular traffic while effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements. Machined Steel shapes maximize seal installability and minimize manufacturing tolerance associated with overall Steel shape manufacture.

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In order to meet the requirements of the bridge deformation, strip seal expansion joints are usually set at each end of the bridge, between ends of the beam and abutment or on the hinge joints of the bridge. They are applied with rubber noise weaken board which can help to increase movement and reduce noise from over-passing traffic by up to 80%.

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Elastomeric Expansion Joint. Doshin rubber bridge expansion joints comprise steel angles and steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. Bridge expansion joint is capable of sustaining loads and movements up to 330 mm without damaging …

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Expansion joints seals create a flexible transition point between adjacent or cement panels, allowing the structure to expand and contract with temperature changes and move with minor seismic shifts or strong winds without damage.

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Elastomeric Expansion Joint. Doshin rubber bridge expansion joints comprise steel angles and steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. Bridge expansion joint is capable of sustaining loads and movements up to 330 mm without damaging …

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BEJS Overview – Bridge Expansion Joint System Watertight, traffic durable, new & retrofit bridge expansion joint seal. B ridge E xpansion J oint S ystem, BEJS is a traffic-durable bridge and roadway expansion joint which provides a primary watertight seal. It is designed to handle harsh environmental conditions and features greater movement capability, better low temperature flexibility and ...

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Strip Seal Expansion Joint, also known as single strip seal expansion joint, consists of an elastomeric element and steel edge profiles.The elastomeric element, also known as strip seal, is made of EPDM or neoprene rubber. The steel edge profiles, also known as edge beams, are made of hot rolled structural steel with various options of shapes, including C type, E type, F type, M type, Z type, etc.

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Transflex®worldwide expansion joints We have supplied and installed Transflex®expansion joints worldwide since 1974. The Transflex®device consist of steel reinforced rubber modules, designed to absorb the expansion, contraction, translation and rotation movements of road bridges, with remarkable comfort to traffic, effectively sealed, low maintenance and easy replacement.

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Jul 13, 2017 · From the outside, an elastomeric expansion joint looks to simply be made out of molded rubber. Part of the reason expansion joints are used in such a wide variety of applications is that the interior construction of a joint can be custom-designed to handle your specific application – materials of construction will depend on size, temperature, application, media, pressure (S.T.A.M.P.).

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D.S. Brown Steelflex ® Modular Expansion Joint Systems have gained overwhelming worldwide acceptance for accommodating and sealing large joint movements on bridge structures. By incorporating the results of recent research activities, each joint system is designed to provide watertight, fatigue resistant, long-term, maintenance-free performance.

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The Modular Expansion Joint System (MEJS) is a mechanical device installed in bridge expansion joint openings. The primary function of the MEJS is to permit vehicle traffic to travel smoothly across large expansion joint openings. It does this by dividing the large expansion joint openings into a series of smaller openings called cells.

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and installation of bridge expansion joint systems. Because of this con-stant drive to improve, there is a wide selection of systems, materials and performance capabilities from which an owner or engineer may select. ... Armorless Closed-cell Joint Seal and Elastomeric Concrete Expansion Joint System:

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Apr 14, 2011 · Modular seal Types of Bridge Deck Joints Other Number of Responses • Strip seals were most accepted type of joint, followed by finger joints. 29 ... • “Simplifying bridge expansion joint design and maintenance” SC project # 677, at the University of South Carolina.

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Modular Expansion Joints consist in the traffic direction of a succession of watertight elements (seal) comprising movement controlled metal beams (centre beams), supported by moveable substructures bridging the structural gap i.e. cross beams, cantilevers or pantographs. The metal beams are flush with the running surface. The assembly of watertight elements, centre beams and substructures is ...

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The most popular types of large movement Expansion Joints include the Modular type with movement range up to 2,000mm, Steel Finger Joints with movement range up to 600mm. Cast Aluminium Expansion Joints with movement range up to 300mm with each type …


seal that prevents debris and water from passing through bridge expansion joints openings and damaging the bridge deck and structures below. 2.0 ADVANTAGES Doshin Modular Expansion Joints cater for expansion joints with movement range exceeding 80 mm.

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Bearings and Expansion Joints Chapter 9 WSDOT Bridge Design Manual M 23-50.19 Page 9-3 July 2019 Because the movement restriction imposed by a bearing must be compatible with the movements allowed by the adjacent expansion joint, expansion joints and bearings must be designed interdependently and in conjunction with the anticipated behavior